the program

The idea of RUNNING ROOTSTM came to me while I was running the New York City Marathon in the fall of 2009. I thought back to where the roots of my love for running began. Where did all of this begin? My “roots” date back to my elementary school years. The vision is of watching my dad go out for early morning jogs, sometimes dressed in shorts and a tee, other times, bundled to face the frigid winter air. Forty minutes later, he’d come back, sweaty but smiling and feeling energized. It wasn’t long before I was joining him. In high school, I'd join the XC team. Then came college, where I ran in a social setting, building friendships. Upon graduation, I set a goal to run a marathon.  These are my running roots, and they are more than just the miles I’ve logged. They were experiences that gave me confidence, a healthy mind, a fit body, a way to channel my energy, an opportunity to set goals, a source of mental and physical strength, dedication, courage and, most importantly, shared moments with special people in my life. The positive effect of these roots run deep and their source stems back to the early years when I laced up and simply ran, without knowing how much personal growth I would ultimately gain from the sport.

Our roots are our foundation, our anchor. In exposing children to running at an early age, it is my hope to provide RUNNING ROOTSTM members with an opportunity to cultivate a future that is healthy, active and rewarding.